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Chlorine chemistry defends

Defense & Law Enforcement

Essential to defense and law enforcement

Members of our military and law enforcement depend on chlorine chemistry to help keep them safe while they are working to keep all of us safe. Protective equipment such as bullet-resistant vests, and tools for intelligence including surveillance cameras, all use chlorine chemistry for their manufacture. Of course, medical equipment such as blood bags and tubing are also made with chlorine chemistry and are crucial in protecting the lives of soldiers and police officers.

Chlorine chemistry: Hard at work in defense and law enforcement

Fuel cells, night-vision goggles, rocket propellants, cockpit canopies for jet fighters, missile guidance hardware, carbon-reinforced polymers, lightweight and water-resistant garments, bullet-resistant vests and helmets, bullet-resistant glass, riot shields and visors, airbags, surveillance cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles

Chlorine In The News

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